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Urban Forest Body Mist-HF006

Urban Forest Body Mist-HF006

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"Urban Forest Body Mist-HF006" is a captivating olfactory journey that combines the vibrancy of city life with the serene beauty of a lush forest.

This sophisticated fragrance, distinguished by its unique formula (HF006), captures the essence of an urban oasis where modernity meets nature in perfect harmony. With each spritz, you are transported to a realm where the invigorating scents of the bustling city seamlessly blend with the earthy, woody aromas of a tranquil forest, creating a sensorial experience like no other. Embrace the fusion of urban chic and natural allure with "Urban Forest Body Mist-HF006" and elevate your senses to new heights.

.Fragrant Dew

.Brume Perfume


.Fragrance Mist

.e250ml-8.4fl Oz

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