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Tender Vetiver Flavia for women and men

Tender Vetiver Flavia for women and men

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3.4 OZ EDP.

🌿 **Introducing Flavia's Tender Vetiver - A Fragrance Beyond Boundaries** 🌿

Elevate your senses with Flavia's Tender Vetiver, a captivating fragrance that defies traditional gender norms. Part of our exclusive Dominant Collections, this EDP Spray bears the unique barcode number 6294015129090, offering a 3.4 oz essence of pure luxury and sophistication.

🌸 **Scent Journey:** 

- **Top Notes:** Jasmine, Saffron, Coriander seeds

- **Heart Notes:** Lemon, Praline, Freesia, Tagetes

- **Base Notes:** Moss, Amber, Cedar, Wood

✨ **A Fragrance of Elegance and Individuality** ✨

Experience the allure of Tender Vetiver, a unisex perfume crafted by Flavia. This scent is both comforting and enticing, appealing to those who embrace sophistication with a hint of the unconventional.

🎩 **Elevate Every Moment:** 

Flavia's Tender Vetiver is not just a fragrance; it's a statement of style and uniqueness. Whether it's a special event or a mundane day, this scent adds a touch of opulence to your every moment.

🌟 **Stand Out with Flavia's Unisex Dominant Collections Tender Vetiver EDP Spray** 🌟


In a sea of fragrances, this composition shines bright with its distinctive blend and captivating aroma. Embrace the essence of Flavia's Tender Vetiver - a fragrance that sets you apart and defines your individuality.

main accords
warm spicy
white floral
fresh spicy
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