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Spicebomb Cologne MEN

Spicebomb Cologne MEN

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3 oz - Eau De Toilette Spray

"Spicebomb Cologne by Viktor & Rolf" is a popular men's fragrance known for its bold and spicy scent profile. This cologne is a part of the Spicebomb collection by the fashion house Viktor & Rolf.

**Fragrance Notes:**
- **Top Notes:** The top notes of Spicebomb Cologne are the initial scents that greet your senses upon application. They are typically fresh and light, designed to make a strong first impression. The top notes in this cologne may include zesty and aromatic notes like bergamot, grapefruit, and pink pepper.

- **Heart Notes:** Following the top notes, the heart notes of Spicebomb Cologne emerge once the initial freshness starts to fade. These notes form the core of the fragrance and provide depth and complexity. Common heart notes in this cologne may include spicy and floral elements such as cinnamon, saffron, and paprika.

- **Base Notes:** The base notes of Spicebomb Cologne are the final phase of the fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. These notes are typically rich, warm, and long-lasting, contributing to the overall character of the scent. Base notes in this cologne could feature woody and oriental accords like leather, tobacco, and vetiver.

Overall, Spicebomb Cologne by Viktor & Rolf is a captivating and masculine fragrance that combines spicy, citrusy, and woody notes to create a powerful and alluring olfactory experience.
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