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Polo Blue Cologne

Polo Blue Cologne

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4.2 oz - Eau De Toilette Spray

"Ralph Lauren Polo Blue for Men 4.2 oz EDT Spray" is a popular men's fragrance from the renowned fashion house Ralph Lauren. This Eau de Toilette spray is part of the Polo Blue collection and comes in a 4.2 oz bottle. **Fragrance Notes:** - **Top Notes:** The top notes in Polo Blue are the initial scents that you smell when you first apply the fragrance. They are usually light and refreshing. Top notes in this fragrance may include aquatic notes, cucumber, and melon, creating a fresh and invigorating opening. - **Heart Notes:** The heart notes of Polo Blue start to develop once the top notes fade away. They form the main body of the fragrance and provide character and depth. Heart notes in this fragrance may feature basil, sage, and geranium, adding an herbal and aromatic quality to the scent. - **Base Notes:** Base notes are the final phase of the fragrance that emerges after the top and heart notes have dissipated. They are typically rich and long-lasting. Base notes in Polo Blue could include suede, musk, and woodsy notes like patchouli, creating a warm and masculine finish to the fragrance. Overall, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue for Men is a timeless and fresh fragrance that evokes a sense of sophistication and masculinity. The combination of aquatic, herbal, and woody notes makes it a versatile scent suitable for everyday wear. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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