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Midnight in Brooklyn Body Mist-HF009

Midnight in Brooklyn Body Mist-HF009

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"Midnight in Brooklyn Body Mist-HF009" is a mesmerizing fragrance that captures the essence of the city that never sleeps.

This enchanting body mist, infused with the unique blend HF009, transports you to the bustling streets of Brooklyn under the spell of midnight. With each spritz, you are surrounded by the mysterious allure of the night, as notes of deep musk,

velvety florals, and a hint of spice dance in the air, creating an aura of sophistication and intrigue. Let "Midnight in Brooklyn Body Mist-HF009" be your companion on a nocturnal journey through the enchanting streets of Brooklyn, where magic and allure await at every corner.

.Fragrant Dew

.Brume Perfume


.Fragrance Mist

.e250ml-8.4fl Oz

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