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Bucephalus XII Armaf for men

Bucephalus XII Armaf for men

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 3.4 oz, EDP

**Product Name:** Armaf Bucephalus XII Blue Eau de Parfum  

**Barcode:** 6294015159851  

**Size:** 3.4 oz


Unleash the allure of Armaf's Bucephalus XII Blue, a captivating fragrance for the modern man. Introduced in 2022, this Eau de Parfum is a masterful fusion of fresh and warm notes, radiating magnetic charm and sophistication. Perfectly suited for any fragrance collection, its unique scent profile sets it apart.

**Fragrance Profile:**

- **Top Notes:** Orange Blossom, Lemon, Mint  

  The fragrance opens with a refreshing and invigorating blend that captivates the senses from the very first spritz.

- **Heart Notes:** Spices, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg  

  A stimulating medley of spices adds depth and complexity, transitioning smoothly from initial freshness to an exotic and invigorating aroma.

- **Base Notes:** Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Vetiver  

  This rich, earthy foundation provides a warm and seductive anchor, ensuring the scent lingers on the skin and leaves a lasting impression.

Housed in a stylish 3.4 oz bottle, Bucephalus XII Blue is perfect for both daily use and travel. Armaf, a design house renowned for its high-quality and sophisticated fragrances, has created yet another exceptional scent with this offering.

With the barcode 6294015159851, Bucephalus XII Blue guarantees authenticity and quality, making it a trusted choice for fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday style, this versatile fragrance is an ideal companion for any setting.

**In Summary:**

Armaf's Bucephalus XII Blue Eau de Parfum is a charismatic fragrance that artfully blends fresh, spicy, and earthy notes. Its captivating scent profile makes it a standout choice for those seeking a unique and memorable fragrance. Experience the magnetic allure of Bucephalus XII Blue and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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