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Armaf Odyssey Aqua

Armaf Odyssey Aqua

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3.4 oz - (EDP) Eau De PARFUM Spray

Armaf Odyssey Aqua is a fragrance designed specifically for men. It comes in a 3.4oz Eau de Parfum (EDP) concentration, which typically means it has a higher fragrance oil concentration, offering a longer-lasting and more intense scent.
**Fragrance Notes:**
- **Top Notes:** The top notes are the first scents you smell upon application, and they tend to be lighter and more volatile. In the case of Armaf Odyssey Aqua, the top notes could include refreshing and invigorating scents like citrus, bergamot, or marine notes.
- **Heart Notes:** Also known as middle notes, these make up the body of the fragrance and develop once the top notes fade away. Heart notes in this fragrance could include floral or spicy notes like lavender, geranium, or pepper.
- **Base Notes:** Base notes are the foundation of the fragrance and provide depth and longevity. Common base notes in men's fragrances are often woody, musky, or earthy. For Armaf Odyssey Aqua, the base notes might include cedarwood, patchouli, or amber.
Overall, Armaf Odyssey Aqua is likely a fresh and aquatic fragrance with a blend of citrus, marine, floral, and woody notes, offering a versatile and sophisticated scent that can be suitable for various occasions. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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