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Al Wisam Day Born To Win Cologne

Al Wisam Day Born To Win Cologne

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3.33 oz - Eau De Parfum Spray

"Al Wisam Day Born To Win Cologne for Men" by House of Rasasi is a fragrance that exudes confidence, strength, and a winning attitude. This cologne is part of the Al Wisam Day collection, known for its invigorating and masculine scents.

The notes in Al Wisam Day Born To Win Cologne typically include a blend of aromatic and woody accords that create a powerful and charismatic fragrance profile. While specific notes may vary, standard notes found in this type of cologne may include:

- Top notes: Citrus, bergamot, or other fresh and uplifting notes that provide an initial burst of freshness.

- Heart notes: Aromatic notes like lavender, sage, or spicy elements add depth and complexity to the fragrance.

- Base notes: Woody notes such as cedarwood, sandalwood, or vetiver give the cologne a solid and long-lasting foundation.

Overall, Al Wisam Day Born To Win Cologne is intended to be a dynamic and assertive fragrance that captures the essence of success and ambition. It is likely to appeal to men who appreciate solid and confident scents that make a statement. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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