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Al Haramain

Al Haramain Opulent Saffron Cologne

Al Haramain Opulent Saffron Cologne

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3.3 oz - Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex)

Al Haramain Opulent Saffron Cologne by Al Haramain, Around 3,500 years ago not long after a massive volcanic eruption created an extremely fertile growing area humans on the breathtaking coast of the Greek island of Santorini discovered a vivid, beautiful purple flower called Crocus sativus. The flowers scent would add a heightened sense of life to the area, filling it with a virtuous and natural aroma. Al Haramain Opulent Saffron cologne was launched in 2019 to capture the fragrance of this incredible Aegean region. The top opens with a blend of notes in a gentle yet heady fruity accord. Juicy, plump raspberries add sweetness and a touch of whimsy to the top, while an almost indefinable spicy accord adds a definite masculine feel. The heart is wrapped around a sophisticated and refined saffron blend, bringing a deeply earthy aroma thats intimate yet perhaps somewhat aloof. Green sandalwood lends a bit of smoke to the middle. A very animalic leather in the base is extremely compelling, while raspberry smoothie lends more playfulness and amber is both sensual and comforting.

Al Haramain colognes are designed for upscale men looking to project power without being overpowering. Their fragrances excite the senses while smoothing the human spirit. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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