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Afnan Zimaya Taraf Black Cologne 3.4 oz MEN

Afnan Zimaya Taraf Black Cologne 3.4 oz MEN

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3.4 oz EDP WOMEN


Unleash your daring essence with Zimaya's Taraf Black EDP Spray for Men. Introduced in 2022, this alluring fragrance has swiftly gained popularity among sophisticated and self-assured gentlemen. Its distinctive blend of notes positions it as an essential addition to any man's fragrance repertoire.


At the forefront of this men's cologne are captivating top notes that fuse Agarwood, Saffron, and Bergamot. The Agarwood contributes a profound and opulent woody aroma, exuding an exotic and alluring quality. Meanwhile, the Saffron infuses a unique spicy element, adding depth to the composition. Lastly, the Bergamot introduces a hint of citrus, lending a revitalizing and invigorating twist to the overall scent profile.


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