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AFNAN Highness IX EDP Spray 3.4 oz Fragrances

AFNAN Highness IX EDP Spray 3.4 oz Fragrances

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3.4 oz EDP Unisex


Immerse yourself in a symphony of scintillating scents with Highness IX, a luxurious EDP Spray by Afnan. This captivating fragrance is a true testament to Afnan's reputation for crafting unique and unforgettable scents. With a size of 3.4 oz, it's perfect for the individual who values both quality and quantity.

Highness IX opens with an intriguing blend of top notes, featuring the spicy warmth of nutmeg, the romantic allure of rose, and the earthy sensuality of musk. This initial aroma sets the stage for a truly immersive scent experience.

At the fragrance's heart, you'll find a harmonious blend of orange blossom, amber, and powder. These heart notes infuse the perfume with a sweet, rich depth, creating a scent that's both alluring and comforting.

Finally, as the fragrance settles, the base notes of apple blossom, peach, and pineapple blossom emerge. These notes lend a delightful freshness to the scent, ensuring it remains vibrant and appealing throughout the day.

Highness IX is a unisex fragrance, making it a versatile addition to any perfume collection. Whether you're a man seeking a scent with a touch of floral sweetness, or a woman looking for a perfume with a hint of musky depth, Highness IX is an excellent choice.

Experience the sublime blend of Highness IX by Afnan today. Its combination of rich, enticing notes makes it a standout scent within the perfume world. Barcode for this product is 6290171070160. Embrace the unique and unforgettable scent of Afnan's Unisex Highness IX EDP Spray 3.4 oz Fragrances 6290171070160.


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